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Event Brief

The purpose of this course is to provide training for sine, sine sweep, random vibration and shock analysis, where the excitation is applied as an input to a dynamic system.   The systems include finite element models of beams, plates and circuit boards, as well as simple spring-mass models.   Rainflow cycle counting and equivalent spectral methods are used to calculate the stress-cycles.  The material S-N curve is identified.  The stress-cycle and fatigue curves values are then fed into a Palmgren-Miner cumulative damage summation.  

Some of the topics are similar to those in Dave Steinberg’s Vibration Analysis for Electronic Equipment.  Furthermore, Steinberg’s electronic component fatigue empirical formula is developed into a complete S-N fatigue curve.

The course also covers methods for calculating the relative damage between two different dynamic environments.  This comparison can be used to determine whether one environment is more severe than another.  It can also for deriving a power spectral density specification to envelop field accelerometer data.

Course Objective
  • Review basic theory for shock & vibration analysis
  • Practice building models using a Matlab GUI package
  • Perform normal modes analysis to determine natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Separately apply forces and base excitation to the models
  • Calculate response parameters: displacement, velocity, acceleration & stress
  • Perform rainflow cycle counting & equivalent spectral analysis
  • Use Palmgren-Miner summation for cumulative fatigue damage
  • Calculate relative fatigue damage between two dynamic environments
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    Course Agenda

    For more details on course agenda, please click here

    Who Should Attend

    The engineers who will benefit in this course include those who work in aerospace, military, automotive, railways, ships, machinery, and electrical power industries.

    Training Venue
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    For more information about the event, please contact +65 8363 3065 or email marketing@k2binternational.com

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    The trainer is very knowledgeable and the materials was very well organized and delivered. We have gained a comprehensive understanding in radar system for radar application. Thanks a lot!.”

    Senior Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories

    Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


    K2B International has a good selection of trainer. The trainer is knowledgeable and his presentation was clear.”

    Research Engineer, Electronic Systems Division, DSO National Laboratories

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    The course was well presented and the trainer showed good knowledge of topics.”

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    Radar Signal Processing 2010